ET® ProviPro™ Polishers

A New and Efficient Way to Polish Your Provisionals

ET® ProviPro™, available exclusively through Brasseler USA®, makes polishing faster, easier and more efficient. Trust our popular ET® family of products for all of your composite finishing and polishing needs.

Polishing provisionals with pumice and pastes is messy and time consuming. ET ProviPro polishers by Brasseler USA® allow you to polish chairside, saving both polishing and clean-up time.

This easy-to use, two-step system will quickly allow you to achieve a high gloss shine and an ultra-smooth surface on composite and acrylic based provisionals! ET ProviPro polishers will eliminate the need for a bench lathe and rag wheel and are ideal for polishing crevices, grooves, contact areas and textured surfaces.

These buffs, available in medium and fine grit, will minimize polishing time and save you money!