Brasseler Catalogs and Guides

Welcome to our online library of Brasseler catalogs. Here you can access our most recent product catalogs and specialty-specific product guides.

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Product Catalog #12

For a complete listing of the entire Brasseler USA Dental product line, this is our most current catalog, #12. It includes the following product categories: clinical & laboratory carbides, clinical &laboratory diamonds, endodontics, hand instruments, hygiene, finishing and polishing, power systems, procedure systems, vision enhancement and more.


Innovations Product Guide

The Innovations brochure features our newest industry-changing dental products available exclusively from Brasseler USA. We develop solutions to real world challenges faced by dentists through a combination of material science, engineering know-how, manufacturing excellence, and practitioner testing.


Endodontic Product Guide

Review this complete Endodontic Product Guide for all things endodontic. Includes rotary file systems, hand files, obturation materials & instruments, root repair material, power systems, ultrasonics, post systems, core build-up material, access and initial preparation, irrigations and lubricants, endodontic hand instruments and organizational systems.


Hygiene Product Guide

Your complete Hygiene Product Guide, includes: diagnostic explorers, Expros, probes, cotton and dressing pliers, mirrors and mirror handles, sickle scalers, universal curettes, Gracey curettes, advanced hygiene instruments, complete procedure systems, sharpening stones, code rings, Hygiene Pro™ cordless and air power systems, prophy angles and paste, Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic system, ultrasonic scaler inserts and tips.


Handpiece & Small Equipment Product Guide

This helpful Handpiece & Small Equipment Guide features our most popular power systems and accessories. Learn about the NL9000™, our LED Couplers, NL6000™ / N5000™, NL45S™ / N45S™, Brasseler® MINI, Forza ELM™, Forza ELS™, Forza L50K™ and Forza F5, F5X, F1 and F1S attachments, as well as multiple other systems.


Oral Surgery Product Guide

Use this Oral Surgery product guide as your “go to” source to find the right surgical rotary, power systems, endodontic products, and surgical hand instruments to help you with all of your surgical procedures.


Periodontic Product Guide

This Periodontic Product Guide will help you easily find the most common perio products. It includes a wide variety of surgical diamonds, crown lengthening carbides, gingivoplasty and pontic systems, complete crown lengthening systems, crown removal diamonds and carbides, Zirconia / PFL restoration removal systems, periodontal systems, splint systems, bone shaping, root sectioning and root planing / finishing tools, power systems, surgical hand instruments and more.


Brio Sterile single-patient Instrumentation Product Guide

This Brio Sterile Product Guide will help you easily find our sterile single-patient instrumentation. We offer sterile single-use packaging for easy identification, storage and dispensing. We have a full line of sterile single-patient diamond, carbide and polishing instruments validated to FDA standards. Lessen your overhead cost by reducing dispensing labor and sterilization. All Brio Diamonds and Carbides are available in 25/pack and polishers are available 10/pack.