Brasseler Handpiece Repair

Brasseler USA Handpiece Repair

The Brasseler Handpiece Repair Advantage

Brasseler USA Handpiece Repair is now proudly servicing all major handpiece brands including A-dec®/W&H®, Bien-Air®, KaVo®, Midwest®, NSK®, Palisades® and Star®.

Here at Brasseler USA, we have been repairing both medical and dental handpieces and power systems since 1997. So you know you can trust us to provide  quality repair service for your high speed, low speed and electric handpieces. Of course, there are many handpiece repair providers to choose from. So why should you choose Brasseler Handpiece Repair?

Great Price

Brasseler USA has become a leading supplier of dental instrumentation by following our successful value model: work directly with you, the end user, eliminating the middle man. This allows us to provide you the best service using premium quality parts all while saving you money.

Fast Turnaround

We know you need to have your handpieces back in operation quickly. We specialize in fast turnaround on standard repairs. In fact, the typical repair is completed and shipped out within 24-48 hours of receipt.


Now servicing all major handpiece brands! That means no more having to track what handpiece got sent where, when it got sent and when you will see it again. Simply send them all to us and move on with your day. Plus, you have full peace of mind knowing Brasseler guarantees every repair.

Let’s Get Started

Beginning your handpiece repair is easy! Simply click on the button below to access our repair form. Complete the repair form, receive your shipping label, and send your handpiece to us.

Tips to help expedite your repair service:

Packaging Your Repair Item for Shipping:
Please use a sturdy shipping box or container to send your items to Brasseler USA®. Paper or bubble envelopes are not recommended as they can be easily damaged allowing your items to become lost. Your shipping container should be strong enough to stand the rigors of possible cross-country shipping.

Items should be sterilized before shipping and left in the sterilization envelope or bag.

Serial Numbers:
An accurate serial number for each item allows us to verify proper ownership of the product as well as determine warranty status. Each serial number will be imprinted on the handpiece itself and may consist of letters or numbers or a combination of both.

Need to talk to someone now?

If you’d like to speak to someone in our service department, call toll-free: 800.841.4522, ext. 1203. Click here to send an email directly to the Brasseler USA® Dental Repair Department.

A-dec® is a registered trademark of A-dec, Inc., USA. Bien-Air® is a registered trademark of Bien-Air Medical Technologies, Switzerland. KaVo® is a registered trademark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, Germany. Midwest® is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY International. NSK® is a registered trademark of Nakanishi, Inc. Palisades® is a registered trademark of Palisades Dental, LLC. Star® is a registered trademark of DentalEZ, Inc. W&H® is a registered trademark of W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, Austri