EndoSequence® BC RRM™ Fast Set Putty

Ideal for All of your Pulp Capping and Root Repair Needs.

EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ contains the same characteristics as our tried-and-true BC RRM-Paste™ and BC RRM-Putty™ but with a new fast set chemistry and an improved Sanidose™ syringe delivery. No mixing, no waste, no cross-contamination and, best of all, you get a consistently perfect unit dose putty plug with every application. Our new BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ is even more resistant to washout than our market-leading BC RRM-Putty™!

You have never seen a Root Repair Material anything like EndoSequence BC RRM-Fast Set Putty!

Premixed with Superior Handling and Healing Properties.


  • Moldable/Condensable Putty Consistency
  • Premixed Sanidose™ Syringe Delivery
  • Extremely Resistant to Washout
  • Shortened Set Time (20 min)


  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Osteogenic
  • Anti-bacterial (+12 pH)
  • Non-Staining

U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811
European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1


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Endosquence RRM-Fast Set Putty Syringe (B_4164)