EndoSequence® BC RRM™

EndoSequence® BC RRM™ (Root Repair Material) is available in two specifically formulated consistencies (syringable paste or condensable putty) and contains many of the same characteristics as BC Sealer™. The favorable handling properties, increased strength and shortened set time make BC RRM highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures. Research and countless cases confirm that BC RRM is highly biocompatible and osteogenic. Join thousands of others that have set aside their spatulas and joined the BC RRM revolution!


  • Premixed-syringable paste or putty consistency
  • Shortened Set Time – 2 hours vs. 4+ hours with others
  • Highly Resistant to Washout


  • Highly Biocompatible
  • Osteogenic
  • Anti-bacterial (+12 pH)

Applications: Root Endo Filling (Retrograde fills), Repair of Root Perforation, Repair of Root Resorption, Apexification, Pulp Capping Composition, Calcium silicates, Calcium phosphate monobasic, Calcium hydroxide Zirconium oxide, Tantalum oxide, Filler and thickening agents.

U.S. Patent Nos.: 7,553,362, 7,575,628, 8,343,271, 8,475,811
European Patent Nos.: 1861341 A4, 2142225 B1