EndoSequence® BC Points™

BC Obturation System – Bioceramic Bonded Obturation with EndoSequence BC Points

Unlike traditional points, EndoSequence® BC Points™ from Brasseler USA® are subjected to a patented process of impregnating and coating each cone with bioceramic nanoparticles. The bioceramic particles found in BC Sealer™ bond with the bioceramic particles in BC Points™ to form a true gap-free seal. A recent study showed that BC Sealer™, when used in conjunction with our impregnated and coated cones, actually increased the fracture resistance to a level comparable to that of teeth that have not undergone root-canal therapy.

BC Points™ are available in individual sizes and in assortment wheels. Standard gutta percha can be used, but for a true, gap-free seal BC Points™ are recommended.


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Fracture Resistance Chart

~Ghoneim AG, Lutfy RA, Sabet NE, Fayyad DM. Resistance to fracture of roots obturated with novel canal-filling system. JOE. 2011; 37 (11): 1590-2.