XP-3D™ Anatomical Instrumentation

Brasseler’s Exclusive MaxWire Technology


XP-3D Finisher

Like the XP-3D Shaper, the XP-3D Finisher utilizes Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire Technology to adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy. The XP-3D Finisher has a bowed shape at body temperature and is incredibly flexible. The instrument debrides the root canal system 3-dimensionally and allows for enhanced irrigation. Unlike the 3D-XP Shaper, the XP-3D Finisher is intended to clean a prepared canal and will not change the shape once prepared.



XP-3D Shaper

The XP-3D Shaper addresses the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation and ushers in a new biologic standard of care in endodontic instrumentation.

The patented XP-3D Shaper safely, efficiently and effectively cleans the root canal system three dimensionally while respecting the canal anatomy. As it rotates, the instrument’s orbit expands and  contracts to abrade the broad and narrow aspects of the canal equally. This intuitive micro mechanical debridement allows the practitioner to utilize a single instrument to safely and efficiently clean and enlarge the canal while respecting the original canal morphology.



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