Aluminum Bur Blocks With Silicone Inserts

Don’t Let Your Dental Instruments Fall Out! Use Our Aluminum Bur Blocks with Silicone Inserts

Brasseler USA introduces the next generation in rotary procedure organization. By updating our standard aluminum bur block to include new silicone inserts, this block’s features offer a wide variety of benefits for your procedural organization:

  • Improved instrument retention Burs won’t fall out!
  • Configurations for both clinical and lab burs
  • Variety of colors
  • More versatile layout since each silicone plug can readily accept any shank
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Validated for both block and instrument sterility
  • Customizable to include clinician or practice name,procedure, bur number and silhouette

Available in a variety of colors and configurations for both clinical and laboratory rotary instruments.



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B_4298_Silicone Bur Block NPR

            AS628                                AS728                                       AS629
12-Hole Clinical                     20-Hole Lab                         24-Hole Clinical

AS628_Pink AS728_Red AS629_Purple