Savannah-3 Posterior Sickle Scaler

The Savannah-3 posterior sickle scaler features extra-thin, dual cutting blades effective for removal of light to medium calculus and fits easily in tight contacts and interproximal surfaces. Its razor-sharp blades make it ideal for removal of calculus, excess cement and composite material.

Experience the versatility and precision of the Savannah-3 today. Order number: SV36

Have you tried Brasseler USA’s Next Generation #6 Handle?

  • Hollow, lightweight stainless steel for enhanced tactile sensitivity
  • Handle finishing enhances slip-free grip in gloved hands
  • Extended handle neck assists in correct finger placement and adaptation
  • Matte finish reduces glare from enhanced lighting
  • Maintains clean, aseptic appearance through repeated sterilization cycles 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee

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