Forza™ L50K Lab Motor

Uncompromising Power – Forza L50K

The Forza™ L50K Lab Micromotor by Brasseler USA delivers uncompromising power throughout its advanced design. The cutting edge technology incorporated in the Forza L50K offers a massive 8.7 Ncm of torque and a speed range of 1,000-50,000 rpm. The lightweight, ergonomic handpiece weighs only 219 grams ensuring precise control and reduced hand fatigue.

Forza L50K Complete System Features:

  • Item Number: 5021334U0
  • System Includes: Motor, Cord, Control Unit, AC Adapter and Foot Control
  • Digital Speed Display
  • Brushless
  • Easy-to-Operate Display Panel
  • Foot Pedal or Hand Control Option
  • Auto Cruise Function
  • 1 Year Warranty

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