Forza™ ELXT

Brasseler’s Next-Generation Electric Motor

Brasseler’s next-generation electric motor, the Forza ELXT—an electric motor with unsurpassed power, exceptional performance and cutting-edge safety. The Forza ELXT sets the standard for electric motors.

  • Most powerful micromotor at an incredible 4.2 Ncm of torque! Nearly 30% more power than the industry average
  • Reduced Risk of Patient Burns with the advanced Safety Check Function
  • Low Cost, Hassle-free installation with the unique split-module space saving design
  • Lightweight and compact motor provides optimal balance and comfort
Brasseler’s next-generation dental electric motor, the Forza ELXT Forza ELXT
Item Number: 5027607U0
LED fiber optics
Torque: 4.2 Ncm
Speed range: 100-40,000 rpm
Motor weight: 59 grams
3-year warranty
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Electric Motor Comparison

Electric Motor Comparison


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