Evanesce™ Flow Flowable Restorative Composite

Minimally-Invasive Restorations

Esthetic and strong, easy to express and manipulate, Evanesce™ Flow from Brasseler USA is the ideal solution to minimally-invasive restorations and a vital component to your large composite cases.

  • Thixotropic for excellent control, easily dispensed from the syringe, and will not slump on a vertical surface
  • Relatively low rate of shrinkage (3.6% compared with up to 5%), and high filler content (62% by weight and 48% by volume)
  • High strength and precise adaptation to small preparations make it ideal for superficial Class I or II restorations
  • Class V benefit from its no slump handling and range of opacities and shades
  • Can be used on its own or in combination with Evanesce
  • Often requires a single shade, or in more complex cases, fewer layers of composite
  • Available in the most popular shades and in 3 opacity options: Enamel (80%), Universal (85%), and Dentin (90%)