DualForce™ Sectional Matrix System

Perfectly Engineered

Engineered for more than just tight contacts, DualForce is a complete matrix system designed to solve all of these clinical challenges so you can restore teeth efficiently and effectively with more predictable outcomes.

DualForce Rings: DualForce Molar and Pre-Molar Rings are engineered using unique, dual nickel titanium wires that provide excellent balanced separation force on both mesial and distal surfaces. Using nickel titanium wire renders the DualForce Rings resistant to fatigue so you will have consistent separation force throughout the life of the ring.

DualForce Active-Wedges: DualForce Active-Wedges don’t just fill a space; they actively engage the matrix band and adjacent tooth. Active-Wedges are designed to glide into position with a collapsing tip that re-opens once fully placed. The ideal Active-Wedge contour and strong internal spine places significant force on the matrix band to seal all margins and prevent flash while producing 2lbs of separating force. This means less finishing time.

DualForce Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands: DualForce Ultra-Wrap™ Sectional Matrix Bands are made from .015” semi-hard stainless steel; thin yet rigid enough to resist crimping during placement. The single occlusal tab enables the Ultra-Wrap matrix band to be securely carried and placed, then easily folded away from the preparation to preserve access to the proximal box.