ESX® Endodontic File System

Precise, Minimally Invasive Endodontic Procedures – ESX

Learn how ESX files are a part of Restorative Endodontics

Designed with several performance-enhancing patented features, the NiTi ESX Rotary File System is for powerful yet minimally invasive performance, maximizing the long-term success of the treated tooth.

The Patented ACP™ (Alternating Contact Point) Design

  • Efficiently cleans 3 dimensionally as the sharp cutting edges engage with the canal walls at opposing intervals.
  • Asymmetrical flute design alternates between zero to three points of engagement.
  • Moves debris coronally in a wave-like fashion.
  • Allows the ESX to operate at a low torque setting and higher speed, thereby reducing stress on the file and root.

Triangular Cross Section

  • Allows for sharper cutting edges and a larger chip space for enhanced debris removal.
  • Asymmetrical rotary motion removes debris coronally.

Proprietary Electropolished Finish

  • Brasseler files are the only files in North America that are electropolished. This proprietary surface treatment improves resistance to cyclic and torsional fatigue.

Patented Booster Tip

  • Maximizes safety and efficiency
  • 6 cutting edges smoothly transition to a true reamer design
  • Anti-ledging and anti-perfing patented centering mechanism
  • Allows for fewer instruments and larger diameter increases
  • Like having two files in one!

A Closer Look at the patented Booster Tip


The booster tip features 6 cutting edges for increased efficiency allowing for stress free apical progression and clearing of debris while respecting even the most challenging canal anatomy.

This revolutionary design allows for the use of fewer instruments per treatment.



Learn how to use the ESX® two-file shaping system

The following video demonstrates the ESX® shaping and obturation technique.

Click to watch the video below: