BT RaCe™ Endodontic File System

The Minimally Invasive Design of BT RaCe™ Allows For Safe Treatment of the Majority of Canals With Just Three Instruments

Research has shown that the natural apical diameters of most roots are surprisingly large and often contain biofilm (in infected cases). Biofilm is up to 1,000 times more difficult to eliminate than floating planktonic microbes.* BT RaCe is designed to help the practitioner safely and efficiently meet the biologically desirable apical sizes without compromising coronal tooth structure, thereby maintaining the strength of the tooth. This unique shaping sequence, together with irrigation and bonded obturation, results in optimal endodontic success and survivability of the tooth.

*Source: Chávez de Paz L., JOE. Volume 33, Number 6, June 2007: 652-662.

Exclusive Advantages
BT Race instruments have exclusive advantages including a patented alternating cutting edge/non-screw in design, electropolished finish, and triangular cross section. These features maximize flexibility, cutting efficiency/debris removal and safety.

BT RaCe File