EndoSequence® BC Temp™

Cuts Chair Time in Half

BC Temp is a premixed bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing. Unlike traditional Calcium Hydroxide pastes, the primary components of BC Temp are Calcium Silicates and Calcium Oxide which combine with the water naturally present in dentin to produce Calcium Hydroxide which dissociates into Ca2 + and OH-. The hydroxyl ions (OH-) released are responsible for a significant increase in the pH of the surrounding tissues, making the environment unsuitable for bacterial growth. The hydration reaction of Calcium Silicates allows BC Temp to have a gradual and slow release of calcium and hydroxyl ions which eliminates the need for frequent applications.

BC Temp is highly radiopaque (>9mm) and utilizes Calcium Tungstate as a radiopacifier so it is non staining and unlike conventional Calcium Hydroxide materials, BC Temp is easily removed which reduces chair time.