EndoSequence® BC Liner™

Lasting Protection Against Coronal Leakage

EndoSequence BC Liner is Brasseler’s latest innovation in the line of revolutionary EndoSequence BioCeramic Materials. Unlike BC Sealer™ and BC RRM™ (Root Repair Material), BC Liner is dual cure and is designed to bridge the gap between pure calcium silicate based bioceramics and more user-friendly, light-curable bioactive restorative materials.

EndoSequence BC Liner is a next-generation bioactive hybrid resin optimized for use with BC Sealer and BC RRM. This versatile and durable material chemically bonds to dentin without the need for a bonding agent. The unique, moisture-friendly chemistry seals teeth against bacterial leakage and continuously releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions for a lasting biological benefit.



BC Liner provides optimal protection for your root canal therapy. Not only is BC Liner bioactive it is also extremely strong. Most Glass Ionomers or Resin Modified Glass Ionomers have a compressive strength of less than 150 MPa and a flexural strength of less than 40 MPa. BC Liner’s novel formulation provides a compressive strength of 241 MPa and a flexural strength of 99.2 MPa*.

  • BC Liner is provided with 40 BC Liner Short Tips.
  • As with all automix materials it is advised to bleed out a small amount of material from each side of the syringe prior to placing the mixing tip.
  • BC Liner is priced very reasonably to account for this small amount of waste.