Surgical Instruments – By Your Side in Surgery

From the Market Leader In Dental Instrumentation – Surgical Hand Instrumentation For Any Surgical Task


  • Large, comprehensive selection for any surgery procedural task.
  • Handle finishing enhances slip-free grip in gloved hands.
  • Maintains clean, aseptic appearance through repeated sterilization cycles.
  • Manufactured with precision and highest quality stainless steel.

Oral Surgery Carbides

By your side for 3rd Molar Extraction – Oral Surgery Carbides

Brasseler USA® Oral Surgery Carbides are ideal for third molar extraction. Now available in sterile packaging, oral surgery carbides are available in a variety of shapes and compatible with almost any hand piece in the surgical suite. Next time you reach for an oral surgery bur, ensure that you are using the market leader in rotary instruments – Brasseler USA.


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2015 Oral Surgery Guide (B4203)

SurgicPro Surgical and Implant Micromotor

SurgicPro – Safe, Reliable and Powerful

The SurgicPro surgical and implant micromotor from Brasseler USA® is a stylish and compact unit is smaller, lighter weight (at only 42g) and shorter than conventional micromotors and offers a wide range of speed and torque settings. SurgicPro has LED illumination to help generate a natural daylight setting for your surgical case. Its control unit has a large illuminated LCD screen that is backlit to provide clear visibility.

SurgiPro-X-SG20L-w-0901-500px SurgicPro-SGA-ES2-0909-500px
X-SG20L Implant Attachment SGA-E2S Attachment

Available in optic or non-optic. We also offer a complete sterilization case and a unit carrying case as additional options.


Handpiece Features:

  • Accurate speed and torque control
  • Wide range of speed options (200 – 40,000 rpm)
  • Lightest micromotor
  • Most compact micromotor
  • Adjustable LED illuminations up to 3 levels (over 32,000LUX) *(Optional)
  • Thermo-disinfectable, autoclavable and maintenance free brushless design
  • Extremely durable

Control Unit Features:

  • Large illuminated LCD screen
  • No special software requirements
  • USB compatible for easy data accessibility *(Optional)
  • 3 Levels of adjustable light intensity
  • Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) for high torque accuracy
  • Slim high performance pump
  • Programmable for up to 8 different implant systems
  • User friendly foot control