DuraBraze Diamonds

Next-Generation Technology Designed to Minimize Clogging

Our patented DuraBraze® line introduces new diamond instrument technology to your operatory. The precision-engineered instruments feature revolutionary improvements in diamond crystal bonding and spacing. They deliver better performance, precision, and predictability to your crown prep procedures.

You will notice a significant difference with DuraBraze®. Bulk reduction of tooth structure will be smoother and more precise with less vibration. Your instruments will last longer, meaning fewer bur changes and less chair time, with consistent performance prep after prep. DuraBraze® instruments perform this way due to new SpotBrazing™ technology. This patented process provides more open spacing between crystals and more consistent cutting edges, creating:

  • Natural self-cleaning channels for minimal clogging
  • Additional crystals sharing the cutting for higher performance
  • More precise shapes

Ideal for CAD/CAM dentistry.











Maximum Precision

Uniform diamond crystals are precisely distributed over the instrument surface.

Outstanding Cutting Efficiency

More diamond crystals are in contact with tooth structure. Results in efficient, consistent cutting, ideal for multiple preps. Creates a predictable prep design and improved prep surface quality and readability.


Improved Handling & Feel

The precision diamond layer provides an ultra smooth feel, less vibration, and better handling. Results in improved accuracy, control and predictability.

Advanced Self-Cleaning

Our revolutionary improvement in crystal spacing eliminates the tight spaces between crystals where debris typically loads on conventional diamond instruments; debris is naturally and continuously released during use. Results in faster cutting, less heat generation and minimal loading, especially at the instrument tip.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the new DuraBraze® diamonds is predictable cutting efficiency. Because they don’t load up with gunk I never have to stop and switch diamonds even during a longer appointment with multiple preps. It’s efficient not only because one diamond does more,but because I don’t lose time stopping and switching or cleaning. My experience is also that they last longer meaning more preps before I trash them, but it is the ability to sit down and not worry about how the diamond will cut through an entire appointment that came to mind first.“–Lee Ann Brady, DMD


I’ve been using the DuraBraze® diamond for over a year now. Along with my electric handpiece, it provides the most efficient cutting of any diamond I have used. They are long lasting, and don’t clog up. Well worth the premium price since you get numerous preparations from one diamond.“–Robert Margeas, DDS