Dialite® Diamond Burs

Help Your Restoration Reach Its Full Potential With Dialite® Diamonds

Multi-layered Dialite Diamonds are designed for adjusting and removing ceramic restorations, including zirconia, lithium disilicate, and feldspathic porcelain. Adjust restorations atraumatically with Dialite Diamonds to minimize flaw induction and potential ceramic fracture. Remove failed ceramic restorations efficiently and comfortably. Use them in the dental laboratory to shape and create surface texture in pre-sintered (green state) zirconia and pre-crystalized (blue block) lithium disilicate.


  • Multi-layered, 3-phase technology delivers optimal cutting efficiency and extends bur lifespan.
  • Hybrid fine diamond particle sizes provide a smooth cut and minimize heat, reducing the occurrence of micro-fractures.
  • Shank concentricity ensures smooth and precise cutting, minimizes vibration, and reduces handpiece wear
  • Application: Crown & Bridge

Dialite® Diamonds can be used for ceramic restoration adjustment and removal and are available in convenient 5-packs. Recommended speeds: adjusting—40,000-60,000 rpm; removal—100,000 rpm