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Introducing Triton All-In-One Irrigation Solution by Brasseler USA

Mar 29, 2022

Despite the introduction of several unique devices to aid in endodontic irrigation, the fact remains that NaOCl is buffered when it comes into contact with inorganic dentinal debris. EDTA aids in dentinal debris dissolution but it also buffers NaOCl so clinicians must use high volumes of multiple irrigation solutions which requires additional steps, irrigants, syringes and needles. But now there is a solution with Triton. Triton is a patent pending all-in-one irrigation solution that allows for synergistic and simultaneous dissolution of organic and inorganic debris. Triton permits the clinician to use lower volumes of irrigation solution and ensures maximum clinical efficiency.

Unlike traditional irrigants or other 2:1 solutions, Triton works differently by avoiding the use of EDTA and CHX altogether. By using a lower concentration of NaOCl and a patent-pending proprietary blend of surfactants and gentle chelating agents, Triton is the first irrigant to deliver all of the benefits of NaOCl, EDTA, and CHX in a single-step all-in-one irrigation solution. The non-NaOCl components in Triton proactively dissolve the dentinal debris allowing for a lower concentration of NaOCl (also included in Triton) to be exposed to organic debris without as much buffering. With Triton, irrigation is no irritation at all.