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Five Key Features in Choosing an Electric Dental Handpiece 

May 20, 2024

Advancements in dental technology have created many options when trying to find the right dental instruments that fit your needs. Choosing the right electric handpiece is crucial for any dental professional aiming for precision, comfort, and efficiency in their practice. Focusing on these six key features can help when trying to make the right decision.  

1. Weight 

The weight of a dental handpiece affects the dentist’s wrist fatigue and overall comfort during procedures. A lighter handpiece can reduce strain and increase maneuverability, leading to better preps, smoother margins, and better overall performance. An electric handpiece with a lightweight design ensures ease of use over long periods, minimizing physical stress, and can even help with longevity. Forza M5 1:5 FG Attachment is a good example of this, being the most lightweight attachment on the market and weighing in at only 53 grams.   

2. Torque 

High torque is essential for efficient cutting power, especially in challenging procedures. Our electric handpieces boast superior torque, ensuring consistent performance and smooth, effortless cutting through various materials, and are essential for working with modern ceramics. This precision and power significantly enhance treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

3. Sound Level 

Electric handpieces offer a quieter and lower-pitched operation compared to traditional air-driven models, enhancing both patient comfort and dental professional well-being. Particularly beneficial in pediatric dentistry and for patients with sensory sensitivities, the reduced noise helps create a serene treatment environment. This not only makes the experience more pleasant for patients but also protects doctors’ ears from the potential damage caused by higher-pitched, louder noises, allowing them to work with fewer distractions and maintain focus on providing precise care. 

4. Head Size 

Handpiece head size plays a significant role in accessibility and visibility. A smaller head size allows for better access to hard-to-reach areas and smaller mouths, improving patient comfort and treatment accuracy. Forza Short Series Attachments sport the smallest head size in their class at only 8.9 mm in diameter. The compact head sizes on these electric handpieces do not compromise power, ensuring that dental professionals can work efficiently even in tight spaces. 

5. Warranty 

A strong warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability and performance. Brasseler USA provides robust warranties with their electric dental handpieces, offering peace of mind and support. This is seen with the industry-leading 3-year warranty on our Forza Short Series Attachments. This commitment ensures that dental professionals can rely on their equipment, minimizing downtime and maintaining the highest standards of care. 

How Brasseler USA Helps You Make the Right Choice 

When selecting an electric dental handpiece, considering these five key features—weight, torque, sound level, head size, and warranty—is essential for making an informed choice that enhances your practice’s quality of care.  

To make the shopping process even easier, the Brasseler USA Shop has a built-in product comparison feature. This tool allows you to directly compare different handpiece models side-by-side, evaluating how each aligns with your specific needs based on the key features discussed. Explore this feature and Brasseler’s exceptional products today and experience the difference in quality and performance that comes with choosing the right electric dental handpiece for your practice.