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Dental instrumentation and technology pediatric dental professionals can trust to enhance their clinical outcomes.

We know as a pedodontist your mission is to provide a positive and comfortable dental experience for children, laying the foundation for lifelong oral health. This doesn’t just encompass your child-friendly techniques but extends to the dental instrumentation your practice uses. Brasseler USA provides a comprehensive range of pedodontics products tailored for every aspect of pediatric dental care, all seamlessly integrated to enhance your practice’s efficiency and patient comfort.

Brasseler USA's Pedodontic Bioactive Line

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From Mini Diamond Burs, designed specifically for patients with limited openings, to EndoSequence BC Pediatric Putty, delivering the same benefits as our bioceramic line, we’ve got a solution for the challenges you face in your pediatric dental practice.

EndoSequence BC Pediatric Putty

EndoSequence® BC Pediatric Putty

Works exceptionally well for pulpotomies.

Utilizing Brasseler’s bioceramic knowledge, EndoSequence BC Pediatric
Putty has all of the same advantages as our wide-range of bioceramics.

  • Highly biocompatible and osteogenic for superior healing
  • Ultra-small particle size for superior handling
  • Packs easily with a damp cotton pellet
  • Can be used in conjunction with BC Liner™ to add a layer of protection over the putty

EndoSequence® BC Liner

Used with BC Pediatric Putty during pulpal treatments to add a protective layer over the putty.

EndoSequence BC Liner is a next-generation bioactive hybrid resin. This versatile and durable material chemically bonds to dentin without the need for a bonding agent. The unique, moisture-friendly chemistry seals teeth against bacterial leakage and continuously releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions for a lasting biological benefit.

MINI Diamonds, pediatric dental diamond burs from Brasseler USA

MINI Diamonds

Delivering unprecedented access in pediatric cases and patients with limited openings.

Part of our signature Peter Brasseler Series, MINI Diamonds are the perfect balance of cutting efficiency, smoothness and longevity. These genuine, preminum diamonds are available in a varitey of shapes and grits.

For a streamlined workflow, try our Shorter Than Short MINI Diamond System or our MINI Combo System which features a comination of MINI diamonds and carbides.

Brasseler® Mini

Offers a super miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility.

Small in size but big in performance, the Brasseler Mini is a necessity for your limited access cases. The lightweight handpiece features ceramic ball bearings, quick disconnect coupler, push button chuck and fiber optics.

For electric users, the Forza ELM Mini electric micromotor system combines user-friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium. With a motor speed between 2,000-40,000 rpm the brushless system has attachments available for specialty areas and can be integrated into virtually any dental delivery systems.

Brasseler Mini High Speed Air Dental Handpiece
GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor from Brasseler USA

GEM® Digital X-Ray Sensor

Available in size 10 for pediatric patients and patients with limited opening.

Featuring gold-plated connections, backscatter plates, adaptable software, and internal cushions, GEM sensors deliver the technology you demand in your practice.

  • Clipped corners provide a gentler fit
  • Durable enough to handle all your operatory activities
  • Hands-off integration with most practice management platforms

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