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Eliminate the need for constant adjustment of overhead lighting, remove shadows in the oral cavity, and improve visual acuity with a Beam Headlight System. Both the corded and cordless systems offer uniform and natural-color output to help ensure the best outcome for your patients.

Beam Corded Headlight System

Maximize clarity, ergonomics, and control.

The Beam Corded Headlight System provides an unmatched output of uniform and natural bright light, and features an enhanced spot size to illuminate the entire oral cavity. This innovative headlight is notably smaller and lighter than most available headlights.

Combined with this high-definition headlight is a sleek powerpack that provides a long-lasting charge of 10+ hours. Thanks to soft-touch on/off and intensity adjustments, this powerpack reduces the need to deglove — giving you greater convenience and control.

  • Uniform output of natural, bright light
  • Enhanced spot size to illuminate the entire oral cavity
  • Significantly smaller and lighter than most headlights in the market
  • Easy-to-use soft-touch on/off and intensity adjustments to reduce the need to deglove
  • 10+ hours of run time on high

Beam Cordless Headlight System

Move through any procedure.

The Beam Cordless Headlight System easily attaches to your current pair of dental loupes. Enjoy the freedom to move throughout your next dental procedure, as well as any other surgical procedure, with confidence and without interference.

  • Cord-free design removes the need for heavy power packs and cumbersome cords
  • Cleaning ease for a reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Optimized spot size that eliminates the uncomfortable halo in your patients’ eyes while providing uniform and natural-color output
  • Pods charge quickly, both reaching 100% in under 2 hours
  • 2.5 hours of run time on low; 1.5 hours on high

Beam Cordless Headlight System Includes: 2 Rechargeable LED Beam Light Pods, 1 Magnetic Loupe Mount with Hardware, 1 Beam Light Pods Dual Charging Station with AC Adapter, 1 Cleaning Cloth, and 1 Shock-Resistant Carrying Case.

Bring your own loupes.

Already have a favorite pair of loupes? No problem. Beam Headlight Systems easily attach to frames from a variety of popular manufacturers.

Order Number Mount Name Item Number Compatible Loupes
5029560U0 MT-HB3 SOFT HEADBAND MT-HB3 Straps around users head
5029561U0 MT-HHB RIGID HEADBAND MT-HHB Straps around users head
5029562U0 MT-T-S2 LARGE TTL SOLID MOUNT MT-T-S2 Clips on large Titanium style Frames
5029563U0 MT-T-S3 SMALL TTL SOLID MOUNT MT-T-S3 Clips on small Titanium style Frames

Universally clips to thin TTL Frames. Our Universal Clip enables you to attach our Beam headlight systems onto almost any pair of loupes.


Universally clips to all TTL Frames. Our Universal Clip enables you to attach our Beam headlight systems onto almost any pair of loupes.

5029566U0 MT-A PERIOPTIX ADIVISTA TTL MT-A Mounts onto PeriOptix® Adidas Adivista TTL Frames
5029567U0 MT-TI-B PERIOPTIX TITANIUM TTL MT-TI-B Mounts directly onto PeriOptix® Titanium TTL Frames
5029568U0 MT-P-O PERIOPTIX ORIGINAL FLIP MT-P-O Mounts onto old, non optilock PeriOptix®  Flip-Up Loupes
5029569U0 MT-P2 PERIOPTIX LEGACY FLIP-UP MT-P2 Mounts onto PeriOptix® Legacy Flip-Up crossbar Loupes
5029570U0 MT-P3 PERIOPTIX PANORAMIC FLIP MT-P3 Mounts onto PeriOptix® Panoramic Flip-Up crossbar Loupes
5029571U0 H-H-LED2 HOGIES MAGNETIC H-H-LED2 Mounts Flip-Up Loupes to Hoagies® Frame
5029572U0 MT-C-D DESIGNS FOR VISION TTL MT-C-D Mounts to a Designs for Vision Sports TTL Frame
5029573U0 MT-H HEINE FLIP-UP MT-H Mounts onto Heine® Flip-Up Loupes
5029574U0 MT-K KEELER FLIP-UP MT-K Mounts onto Keeler Flip-Up Loupes
5029575U0 MT-O-N ORASCOPTIC RND FLIP-UP MT-O-N Mounts onto Orascoptic™ round bar Flip-Up Loupes
5029576U0 MT-O ORASCOPTIC SQUARE FLIP-UP MT-O Mounts onto Orascoptic™ square bar Flip-Up Loupes
5029577U0 MT-S SURGITEL FLIP-UP MT-S Mounts onto Surgitel® Flip-Up Loupes
5029578U0 MT-TAO TAO FLIP-UP MT-TAO Mounts onto TAO Flip-Up Loupes
5029579U0 MT-Z ZEISS FLIP-UP MT-Z Mounts onto old model Zeiss Flip-Up Loupes

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