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Anatomically Centered Endodontics

For two decades, Brasseler has been spearheading advancements in root canal procedures with leading products in obturation, shaping and disinfection. Now, Brasseler is simplifying the endodontic workflow for all clinicians by focusing on Anatomically Centered Endodontics.

“ACE” Whiteboard: Rev 0 – April 2024

The ACE Philosophy

ACE is a philosophy and workflow that is designed to be accessible to all clinicians. It utilizes modern material science to maximize success and efficiency in the three principal objectives of the endodontic triad.

MINI Diamonds, pediatric dental diamond burs from Brasseler USA


We should only shape the canal to the extent needed for optimal disinfection and not allow the obturation material or technique to dictate the shape.

We strive to maintain an anatomical shape and thereby preserve tooth structure.

We employ a single adaptive instrument (XP-3D™ Shaper+) to maximize dentin preservation while also maximizing clinical efficiency. Our shaping instrument actually aids in the disinfection stage.

MINI Diamonds, pediatric dental diamond burs from Brasseler USA


We utilize an all-in-one irrigation solution called Triton®, which simultaneously dissolves inorganic and organic debris, aided by the use of a shaping instrument that debrides through agitation of the novel disinfecting solution.

MINI Diamonds, pediatric dental diamond burs from Brasseler USA


We obturate using the market-leading EndoSequence® BC Sealer™, which allows for zero shrinkage and bonded obturation at room temperature while also providing maximum antibacterial effect and biocompatibility.

The ACE Products

The ACE philosophy combines 3 leading, patented products: the XP-3D Shaper+, Triton All-In-One Irrigation Solution and EndoSequence BC Sealer.

XP-3D Shaper

XP-3D Shaper+

Adaptive core technology allows the instrument to move freely and adapt to the canal’s natural shape, reducing potential for damage to the tooth.

XP-3D utilizes Brasseler’s exclusive MaxWire Technology to adapt to the canal’s natural anatomy. The XP-3D Shaper+ addresses the shortcomings of traditional NiTi instrumentation and ushers in a new biologic standard of care in endodontic instrumentation.

Triton All-In-One Irrigation Solution

No other irrigation solution can tackle tissue dissolution, smear layer removal and disinfection in one step.

Unlike traditional irrigants or other advanced 2:1 solutions, Triton works differently by avoiding the use of EDTA and CHX altogether. The non-NaOCl components in Triton proactively dissolve the dentinal debris allowing for a lower concentration of NaOCl to be exposed to organic debris without as much buffering.

MINI Diamonds, pediatric dental diamond burs from Brasseler USA
EndoSequence BC Pediatric Putty

EndoSequence® BC Sealer

Simplified obturation allowing doctors to embrace a single cone technique without the need for complicated heated condensation.

BC Sealer is a patented premixed calcium silicate, calcium phosphate bioceramic sealer. It forms calcium hydroxide during the setting reaction and ultimately bonds to dentin through the formation of hydroxyapatite. It’s anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alakaline pH and unlike traditional sealers, BC Sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage.

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What Clinicians are Saying About ACE

Minimally invasive root canal therapy is easily achieved thanks to the ACE workflow: XP-3D Shaper+, Triton, and BC Sealer. This makes the procedure flow faster, easier, and (most importantly) more anatomically centered. I can attest that Anatomically Centered Endodontics is user friendly and can be easily implemented by clinicians at any level.

Chafic Safi, DMD

Founder, Centre Endodontique Saint Laurent

Anatomically oriented and conservative root canal preparation has been the best approach for long term success in endodontics for a long time. The ACE approach allows us to cut less dentin, to enhance the irrigation process significantly, and to seal canals with the best science has to offer today. ACE is not a new instrument, not a new material, but the combination of scientifically proven techniques and materials in one simple, biologically driven, and inexpensive workflow.

Alex Fleury, DDS, MS

Instructor, Real World Endo

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  • XP-3D ProKit (21 or 25 mm)
  • Triton All-In-One Irrigation Solution
  • BC Sealer Bulk Pack (contains two syringes)

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Brasseler USA's AAE24 Specials


  • XP-3D ProKit (21 or 25 mm)
  • Triton All-In-One Irrigation Solution
  • BC Sealer HiFlow Bulk Pack (contains two syringes)

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