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By Your Side: Dr. Sharon Jordan

Nov 2, 2016

Brasseler USA brings the philosophy of “By Your Side” into every aspect of our business, from the development of our products to the individual sales representatives on our direct sales team. As a part of this philosophy, we spoke with Dr. Sharon Jordan and discovered her experience working with Brasseler.

Dr. Jordan is a general dentist who also provides a variety of specialty services including orthodontic, endodontic, implant, and periodontal treatments at her practice in Macon, GA. She’s been practicing dentistry for 34 years and has been buying direct from Brasseler USA for 30. “Brasseler’s basically been with me from the start,” Dr. Jordan said.

As our conversation continued Dr. Jordan had a lot to say about her Brasseler sales representative Tom Robertson. “I think the biggest benefit [of Brasseler’s direct sales structure] is the one-on-one I have with my sales representative in regard to bringing in new, innovative products to be utilized in the office,” Dr. Jordan went on to say, “He’s a very patient representative—he’s not pushy and when he presents something, I think he truly feels that it will benefit the office. He’s not one that will try to come in and sell me something just to boost his commission.”

Tom’s dedication to Dr. Jordan’s practice doesn’t end after he makes a sale either. “Any time that I have questions in regard to equipment [I’ve purchased]… he was willing to try and help and make things move smoothly in the office,” she said.

Through her relationship with Tom, Dr. Jordan also was able to approach endodontic treatment in a new and more effective manner. “I was struggling with doing root canal therapy. After taking [Brasseler’s endo class] and purchasing the EndoSequence supplies… I was able to do more treatment for the patient as opposed to referring them out when it came to root canal therapy and it gave me an easier way to actually treat patients. It decreased the amount of time I spent with the patient and my accuracy increased. That was a big, big help for my production in the office.”

Towards the end of our time with Dr. Jordan, when we asked her what words come to mind when she thinks of the Brasseler brand as a whole, she promptly replied, “dependable,” and that’s what being “By Your Side” is all about. To contact your local Brasseler sales representative visit and search your zip code.