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By Your Side: Dr. Fred Hepp

Dec 22, 2016

An essential part of Brasseler USA’s “By Your Side” mantra is the way their sales representatives interact with their customers. Individual sales representatives work closely with dentists who buy direct from Brasseler, not as just as salespeople, but as trusted partners who are there to help ensure their valued customers are able to offer the highest quality of care to their patients. Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Fred Hepp to learn how his representative has been by his side.

Dr. Hepp has been practicing dentistry for 24 years. He’s a general practitioner who has a private practice in Santa Barbara, CA and is an active member of both the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. When he’s not working, Dr. Fred Hepp is likely spending time with his family or out on the ocean diving, fishing, or surfing. Dr. Hepp’s been buying direct from Brasseler for 20 out of the 24 years he’s been practicing dentistry. “It’s a solid brand—a good brand that I can trust,” he said.

We talked about a variety of topics related to his time working with Brasseler, but the conversation soon centered on his Brasseler sales representative, Mark Falcetti. When asked about the biggest benefit of buying direct with Brasseler Dr. Hepp said, “my relationship with [Mark]. He’s able to tell me about [products] I might want to check out. That’s what I like about having Mark around… It’s nice to talk to somebody who’s been [in the industry] for 20 years or so.” Dr. Hepp also spoke very highly about how Mark approaches him with new products and offers. “[Mark] has good knowledge of the product line and he’s a soft sale, he’s not forcing anything… he just says, ‘hey you might want to take a look at this’. He’s a very easy guy to get along with.”

Looking back on their relationship over the years, Dr. Hepp identified Mark introducing him to EndoSequence® as a standout moment for his practice. “[EndoSequence] made doing root canals so much easier. It was a suggestion he had for me to try out and I liked it. It worked out very well—smooth transition. As a matter of fact [Brasseler] has a new EndoSequence handpiece… I’ll have to ask [Mark] about that next time I have him come into my office.”

Mark has also been available for Dr. Hepp whenever he encounters issues with products in his practice. “If I have a problem he also takes it to [the next] level and fixes that problem. One time I changed my loupes and the loupes didn’t fit the light I had and he made it work… He stood by me there and made sure it worked.”

Having sales representatives like Mark is what solidifies Brasseler’s ability to truly be by all of their customers’ side. If you’d like to reach out to your local Brasseler sales representative go to and search your zip code.