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By Your Side: Dr. Dan Anderson

Oct 4, 2016

By Your Side: Dr. Dan Anderson

Dr. Dan Anderson, DDS

For the past 40 years, Brasseler has provided the nation’s dental professionals with superior products through a team of highly trained sales representatives who value sincerity and genuinely reflect the “By Your Side” philosophy.

Dr. Dan Anderson of Broomfield, Colorado has been an advocate of Brasseler USA for almost a decade. Eight years ago, shortly after graduating from the School of Dentistry at Loma Linda University in 2006, Dr. Anderson and two of his colleagues acquired a Comfort Dental franchise and began a successful practice. During our interview, Dr. Anderson spoke admirably about both Comfort Dental and the influence of Brasseler USA, saying, “We at Comfort Dental are all about low overhead. We are probably the lowest [overhead] practice in the nation and Brasseler is an important part of that.”

To Dr. Anderson, Brasseler epitomizes quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, and that is why he continues to buy direct from Brasseler USA. In his experience, Brasseler products—specifically the EndoSequence® Endodontic File System, EndoSequence® Lubricant, EndoSequence® BC Sealer™, and Brasseler USA® burs—allow him to “practice good dentistry at a very good price.”

However, for the Colorado dentist, it is not just about the quality tools and instruments; it is also about how Brasseler has remained by his side since day one. Stuart Proffit is a member of the Brasseler USA sales team, and serves Dr. Anderson as his direct sales representative. While speaking with Dr. Anderson, he strongly emphasized Stuart’s professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge, saying, “Stuart is a great guy, a reliable representative, and a top-notch salesman. He always gets everything that we need in a timely manner.” Dr. Anderson then went on to say that he appreciates what Brasseler USA does, how Brasseler USA has been there for him, and that he would recommend Brasseler to his peers.

Without a doubt, sales representatives like Stuart are the ones who reinforce the “By Your Side” philosophy and help solidify the trustworthy reputation of the Brasseler brand.

To reach out to your local Brasseler sales representative, visit and search your zip code.