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By Your Side: Dr. Curt Smith

Jul 25, 2016

Brasseler USA has always been committed to being by our customer’s side, and through our direct sales structure we strive to create a personalized experience brought to dentists by a sales team of familiar faces who ensure they have the tools needed to perform the highest quality restorative dentistry.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Curt Smith and learn about his story of buying direct with Brasseler.

Dr. Smith graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry in 2001 and has been practicing dentistry ever since. He’s a general practitioner at Felsing + Smith in Saginaw, MI and is an active member in a number of dental associations including the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, the local Saginaw Valley District Dental Society, and the Saginaw County Dental Society.

Dr. Smith’s relationship with Brasseler USA dates back to his time in dental school. “Brasseler supplied all of our burs at Detroit Mercy at the time,” Dr. Smith said. “Started using them then… pretty much since day one,” and through an ongoing relationship with his Brasseler sales representative, Dave Sollner, enhanced his practice’s capabilities.

When talking with Dr. Smith about the benefits of working with Brasseler, Dave’s commitment to helping Dr. Smith’s practice was clear. “Being able to call Dave and he can either over the phone help me or my staff, or generally he’ll just pop in and I can tell him what I’m looking to do and he’ll show me the bur that he thinks is best… He does a really good job of getting me on to what I’m looking for pretty quick… Basically anything that I’ve ever needed [Dave and Brasseler] can find for me and things that I didn’t even know I need…” Even when Dr. Smith had questions or needs outside of Dave’s product lines, he found ways to help the practice. “One of the best labs that I’m working with right now, [Dave] got me in contact with the owner…”

Along with keeping in close contact with the practice, Dr. Smith shared how Dave introduced him to products and classes that changed the way he approached endodontic procedures. “He was really instrumental in changing how I did endo as well early on when I was practicing…” Dr. Smith said. “Dave got us one of the [EndoSequence systems] and I actually did some [endo] classes with Dave… that’s really been instrumental in changing how I did endo from the way I was taught in school to how I do it today.”

Dave’s commitment to going the extra mile for Dr. Smith and his practice represents Brasseler’s goal of being by all of our customers’ sides. We’ll be speaking with more doctors in the coming months and sharing their stories here. To reach out to your local Brasseler sales representative visit and search your zip code.