Redeem Your EndoSequence Scout File Sample

EndoSequence Scout Files

Working with multiple endodontists from different backgrounds, Brasseler has identified the most common limitations of files currently available on the market. Every feature of EndoSequence Scout Files has been designed to overcome these shortcomings.



  • Shortened cutting length (12mm) reduces maximum flute diameter and facilitates better scouting of the apical third
  • Exclusive NiTi allows for optimal pre-bending and flexibility
  • Tighter flute structure and robust cross-section provides higher resistance to fatigue and deformation
  • Precision safety tip facilitates navigation of curved and calcified canals
  • Premium, uncompromised quality:
    • Compression-fit handle (allows for apex locator readings)
    • Clear calibration markings
    • Sharp cutting flutes
    • Consistent sizing
    • Precision safety tip (not blunt or pointed, which can lead to ledging)
    • Sterile blister packaging


In this workflow, torque resistant and highly efficient non-landed EndoSequence®/ESX® Files are used in the coronal half of the root canal, while the cyclic-fatigue-resistant, landed EndoSequence Scout Files are used in the generally curved apical half of the root canal.


Redeem Your Free Scout File Sample


*Offer limited to one pack of EndoSequence Scout Files per office. Currently, we can only ship to addresses within the United States.