Vlock™ & Vario™ Titanium Post Systems

Titanium Post Systems

The Vlock and Vario Titanium Post Systems contain special post drills which utilize an extremely efficient and patented gates/peeso design. The drills are designed to create a post preparation that is ideal for the corresponding post.

  • Color-coded identification system matches the correct drill, root facer, and wrench to each post
  • Unique drill design creates the optimal parallel post preparation without the need for gates or peeso reamers
  • Vlock posts feature a unique tapered head design which provides optimal surface area for the mechanical retention of core material
  • Vlock and Vario Active Posts feature a threaded design for maximum retention
  • Vlock Passive Posts feature retention grooves and are recommended for brittle teeth
  • Posts are manufactured of high-quality pure titanium
  • Post accessories are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel and are highly resistant to corrosion from sterilization


Vlock™ Post System
For cases when sufficient space for a post head is available.
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Vario™ Post System
For cases when insufficient space for a post head is available.
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