VersaFlex™, a new spin on snap-on polishers.

Brasseler USA® introduces an innovative new spin on basic, plastic snap-on polishers with the new VersaFlex™ diamond-coated disposable polishing system. Unlike traditional mylar (plastic) polishers, this versatile polishing system is outfitted with a durable diamond coating that delivers unprecedented results. It easily and effectively finishes and polishes a wide variety of restorative materials, including composites, all-ceramics and metal.

The flexible design of the VersaFlex™ discs easily conforms to the individual contours of each tooth, providing unrestricted access to even hard-to-reach locations. The addition of the corresponding mylar strips will help you gain access to tight interproximal areas. Available direct only from Brasseler USA®, let VersaFlex™ enhance your restorations today!

  • Four Grit Options: Super-Coarse, Coarse, Medium and Fine
  • Two Discs Sizes: 12mm and 10mm
  • Two 2-Grip Mylar Strips: Super-Coarse/Coarse and Medium/Fine
  • Two Snap-On Mandrel Options: Right-Angle Latch (RA) and Straight Handpiece (HP)

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VersaFlex Brochure (B-4679) (.pdf download)