A New Spin On Snap-On Polishers

Brasseler USA® introduces an innovative spin on basic, plastic snap-on polishers with the new VersaFlex™ diamond-coated disposable polishing system. Unlike traditional mylar (plastic) polishers with aluminum oxide abrasives, this versatile polishing system is outfitted with a durable diamond coating that delivers unprecedented results. It easily and effectively finishes and polishes a wide variety of restorative materials, including composites, all-ceramics, metal and amalgam.

The flexible design of the VersaFlex™ polishing discs easily conforms to the individual contours of each tooth, providing unrestricted access to even hard-to-reach locations. The addition of the corresponding mylar polishing strips will help you gain access to tight interproximal areas. Available in an assortment pack and separate refill packs. Let the versatile VersaFlex™ enhance your restorations today!

  • Four Color-Coded Grits: Super-Coarse, Coarse, Medium and Fine
  • Two Discs Sizes: 12mm and 10mm
  • Two 2-Grip Mylar Strips: Super-Coarse/Coarse and Medium/Fine
  • Two Snap-On Mandrels: Right-Angle Latch (RA) and Straight Handpiece (HP)