Ultrasonic Tips

Great Tips for Dental Hygiene

Brasseler USA’s Ultrasonic tips are manufactured of the finest materials and methods and have been designed to function in most brands of Piezo dental ultrasonic power units (M3x0.6 thread). These tips can be used with the Brasseler Forza V3 and Varios 350, 750, 560 and 150 models. Many of these tips are also compatible with other popular units on the market including Satelec, Sybron Endo, Obtura-Spartan, Vista, Hu-Friedy, and Dentsply/Tulsa piezo ultrasonic units.

An E tip replacement wrench (item # 5010484U0) is required to remove and tighten the endodontic ultrasonic tips and is sold separately.


  • Linear stroke pattern of Piezo technology is similar to hand instrumentation
  • Keep lateral surfaces of tip adapted to the deposit for optimal efficiency
  • Adapt last 1-2mm of terminal tip and use overlapping, feathertouch strokes
  • Tip angulation should be near 0° and parallel to long axis of tooth
  • Tip selection should be based on patient’s periodontal health condition