Matrix1™ Matrix Material

Elevate Your Provisional Restorations

Distorted impressions can result in ill-fitting provisional restorations, compromising their function, aesthetics, and patient comfort. If you’re currently relying on Bite Registration to fabricate provisions, there’s a better option—one that’s more accurate and quicker. Matrix1 is an ultra-quick, ultra-accurate silicone matrix material that flows into embrasure areas and into the finest morphology to capture superior detail.


Why choose Matrix1 over bite registration?

Accuracy Redefined Bite Registration falls short when it comes to accuracy. Its lack of ideal flow properties, slow setting time, and stiffness for this indication can lead to ill-fitting restorations. Matrix1 provides unparalleled accuracy. Its remarkable flow properties effortlessly capture superior detail for more precise impressions that reduce finishing time.

Speed and Efficiency Unleashed We understand that your time is valuable, and so is your patient’s comfort. With Matrix1, you can shorten procedures. Sets in only 30 seconds, minimizing patient discomfort and reducing chair time. Experience faster, more efficient workflows without compromising quality.

Stability That Lasts Matrix1 has a high tear strength that leads to distortion-free removals, providing you with consistently reliable results. The resulting matrix is stable enough to label and keep in case the patient misplaces their temporary.


Matrix1 Features & Benefits:

  • Fast: Sets in only 30 seconds; shortens procedure, minimizing chair time and patient discomfort
  • Accurate: Ideal flow properties capture detail; preserve margin integrity with less flash
  • Versatile: Impression material used to fabricate a matrix for provisionals and to form a lingual matrix in the composite layering technique for Class IV restorations.
  • Stable: High tear strength for distortion-free removals; releases easily and maintains stable form
  • Uniquely Blue: Found only at Brasseler; provides color contrast with dentition

Upgrade your workflow today and achieve superior results with Matrix1.