ET® Carbides

Turning Composite Restoration into a Fine Art

Our ET Carbides were designed by Dr. Ronald Goldstein with the concept that the planes of a tooth are straight as they emerge from the sulcus providing a straight emergence profile. This design helps avoid any concavity created by using the 7901 bur. ET Carbides are ideal for the following dental procedures:

ET3                                                                      ET4
Gingival/Interproximal Finishing                          Gingival Finishing
ET3                                   ET4

ET6                                                                     ET9
Labial/Lingual Contouring, Finishing                  Contouring of Labial Surfaces
ET6                                        ET9

To significantly reduce polishing time, use ET Carbides in sequence from fine to ultra-fine to contour, finish and pre-polish the surface of your composite restoration.


Product Features:

Improved Control:  ET instruments straight blades improve tactile feel, cutting and finishing efficiency.
Safe Tip:  ET carbides safe tip prevents over contouring and damage to the subgingival margin and tissue.
Multiple Blade Designs:  Followed in sequence 8, 16, 30 bladed instruments allow you to move through the contouring to finishing and pre-polishing quickly and efficiently.
Straight Blades:  Product a superior finish due to ideal blade contract points.