Diamond Discs

Multi-edged Natural Diamond Grit

  • Diamond abrasive discs are ideally suited for separating and shaping the interproximal, marginal and facial surfaces of enamel or composite, acrylic and ceramic restorations.
  • Discs with diamond electro-plated coating on thin spring-steel blank.
  • Diamond discs are factory mounted (riveted) to securely mount and center disc, providing perfect concentricity and long instrument life.


Available shapes:

  • Universal Contouring
  • Embrasure Contouring
  • VisionFlex™
  • HyperFlex™
  • Flexible Coated
  • Flexible Perforated
  • Rigid
  • Cup
  • MiniFlex™
  • Flexible Serrated
  • Serrated Saw
  • Sintered Disc