Brio440™ High Speed Air Handpiece

Performance and Value


The Brio440 handpiece from Brasseler USA offers a powerful yet economical alternative in high speed handpieces. Featuring ceramic ball bearings, push button chuck, 4-port water spray and swivel quick-disconnect, the Brio440 provides a unique mix of performance and value in a high speed handpiece.

  • Powerful 20 watts of torque
  • 4-port water spray
  • Optic
  • Swivel quick disconnect
  • Durable ceramic ball bearings
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
Brio440 Optic High Speed Handpiece by Brasseler USA BRIO440L OPTIC
Item Number: 5026058U0
Torque: 20 Watts
Weight: 50g
Head Height: 12.3mm
Head Diameter: 10.5mm
Max. Speed: 395,000 RPM
Body: Stainless Steel
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