C-Series Operative Carbides

Single-Piece Solid Carbides

For over 40 years, Brasseler has collaborated and innovated with key opinion leaders to provide predictable clinical outcomes and improved patient care. Brasseler’s new C-Series –
a unique development in operative carbides for caries preparation – utilizes the latest manufacturing technology.

Minimize Breakage
C-Series single-piece construction is a stronger, more durable design than two-piece carbides.
Save Chair Time
Unique blade geometry provides users with a faster, more aggressive cut.
Various Shapes
Available in popular shapes including 4 Round, 330 Pear, 245 Pear and
557 Fissure.
Save Money
Available in 100 count Clinical packs.
No Risk Guarantee
If not completely satisfied, return the unused instruments for full refund.

C-Series Carbides from Brasseler USA
Peter Brasseler C-Series Carbides Sizing Chart

Shop the full line of C-Series Carbides at: https://shop.brasselerusa.com/Catalog/Carbides/Operative-Carbides/Peter-Brasseler-C-Series-Carbides


Brio Sterile Single-Use Instrumentation

Brio Sterile, Single-Patient Instruments

Single-patient instruments for easy storage and dispensing.

Brio™ offers a full line of sterile single-patient diamond, carbide, and polishing instruments validated to FDA standards. Lessen your overhead cost by reducing dispensing labor and sterilization.

All Brio Diamonds, Carbides and Polishers are available in the following packaging:

  • BrioPrep Diamonds – 25/PK
  • BrioCut Carbides – 25/PK
    • Select Sizes Available Non-Sterile – 100/PK
  • BrioShine™ Polishers – 10/PK


Brio Sterile Single Use Instrumentation



SabreCut “Super Premium” Multi-Purpose Carbides

Ideal for Alloy (Amalgam) Removal & Cavity Preparation – SabreCut®

The unique blade configuration and fine cross-cuts make SabreCut® carbides extremely efficient at cutting amalgam, metal, enamel and dentin.

The unique blade configuration with fine cross-cuts will generate less vibration (chatter) and leave a smoother finish.

The unique blade configuration and fine cross-cuts make SabreCut® carbides extremely efficient at cutting amalgam, metal, enamel and dentin.

Single piece vs. two piece construction carbide
• Minimizes separation
• Minimizes wear and tear on handpiece turbines
• Reduces chair time

TIP: Two piece conventional operative carbides are NOT recommended to remove old alloy restorations due to the high risk of separation.

With sharp, deeply ground transversing blades at the tip, SabreCut® carbides exhibit rapid end-cutting making them ideal for restoration removal.

Now Available in most popular oral surgery shanks for efficient, rapid extraction. To Shop Oral Surgery Carbides, Click Here.

* Internal testing performed on high carbon steel – hardness of 195 HV10 (Vickers) which is similar to the hardness of popular Nickel/Chrome/Molybdenum alloys used in crown and bridge. Complete testing available upon request.

Note: SS White® Great White® are not registered trademarks of Brasseler USA®.


Learn more about our SabreCut Aggressive Cut Carbides


B_3545_SabreCut NPR (.pdf download)

Watch the SabreCut Video

‘‘The SabreCut bur is my number one choice for all access preparations in posterior teeth.’’

~ Allen Ali Nasseh, DDS. MMSC.
Microsurgical Endodontics
Boston, MA

Ortho Debonding Carbides

Orthodontic Debonding Carbides

Great Instrument for Removing Adhesive Resin – Orthodontic Debonding Carbides

Brasseler USA Orthodontic Debonding Carbides are multi-fluted and are ideal for debonding or the removal of orthodontic adhesive resin after brackets are removed. Great for all of your orthodontic patients with braces. These orthodontic burs are specifically designed to minimize damage to enamel.

Recommended Tips:

  • The fine 8-12 blade (red band) carbide burs are used for initial resin removal.
  • The ultra-fine 30 blade (white band) carbide burs will leave a milled surface which will minimize polishing time of enamel.
ET Diamonds and CarbidesET Diamonds and Carbides image

ET Diamonds & Carbides

Turning Composite Restoration into a Fine Art, ET Diamonds & Carbides

Our ET Diamonds & Carbides were designed by Dr. Ronald Goldstein with the concept that the planes of a tooth are straight as they emerge from the sulcus providing a straight emergence profile. This design helps avoid any concavity created by using the 7901 bur. ET Diamond & Carbides are ideal for the following dental procedures:

ET3                                                                      ET4
Gingival/Interproximal Finishing                          Gingival Finishing
ET3                                   ET4

ET6                                                                     ET9
Labial/Lingual Contouring, Finishing                  Contouring of Labial Surfaces
ET6                                        ET9

To significantly reduce polishing time, use ET Carbides or diamonds in sequence from fine to ultra-fine to contour, finish and pre-polish the surface of your composite restoration.

ET Carbide Features:

Improved Control:  ET instruments straight blades improve tactile feel, cutting and finishing efficiency.
Safe Tip:  ET carbides safe tip prevents over contouring and damage to the subgingival margin and tissue.
Multiple Blade Designs:  Followed in sequence 8, 16, 30 bladed instruments allow you to move through the contouring to finishing and pre-polishing quickly and efficiently.
Straight Blades:  Product a superior finish due to ideal blade contract points.

ET Diamond Features:

Logical Design:  The ET diamond instrument design was based on the concept that the planes of a tooth are straight as they emerge from the sulcus providing a straight emergence profile.
Multiple Head Lengths:  Head sizes from 3mm to 9mm allow you to match the instrument with the anatomical shape of the tooth.
Highest Quality:  Brasseler products are made to precise specifications and from the finest raw materials.
Multiple Grit Designs: Followed in sequence: fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine instruments provide a superior finish and enamel contouring.