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Introducing the Solution to Carbide Breakage: C-Series

Innovative Single-Piece Carbide Construction Improves Strength and Durability SAVANNAH, GA (April 10, 2018) – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality instrumentation, is pleased to expand upon its extensive family of operative carbide burs with its new...

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Your Handpiece: 10 Things You Should Avoid Doing

So, you have a brand new handpiece that you are just itching to see in action. Or maybe, you have old faithful that has seen a lot of procedures with you. Either way, we're sure you know exactly what you should be doing with your handpiece. However, have you ever...

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10 Things to Consider When Buying a New Electric Handpiece

So you’ve heard great things about electric handpieces and are thinking of making a purchase. Before jumping into the world of electrics, there are some important things to consider. For instance, it’s important to keep in mind there is a small learning curve when...

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A New E-Commerce Experience:

SAVANNAH, GA (September 7, 2017) – Brasseler USA, a leading provider of dental instrumentation, launched today a new e-commerce experience: The all new, mobile-friendly introduces a completely refreshed shopping experience...

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The Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a New Handpiece

Buying a new handpiece? Whether you’re a recent dental school graduate or planning to upgrade your current practice, here are 10 things you should consider when buying a new handpiece: 1. Budget This wouldn’t be a buying guide if we didn’t bring up your budget! The...

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Introducing Expanded Handpiece Repair Service

SAVANNAH, GA (August 21, 2017) – Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality instrumentation, is pleased to unveil an expanded handpiece repair service with a focus on premium parts and fast turnaround times. The offering will include handpiece repairs for all...

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Brasseler Gives Back: 2017 Scholar Awards

For a third year, Brasseler USA partnered with several of the nation's top dental schools to present a "Brasseler USA Scholar Award" to select graduating seniors from each of the schools. The recipients of this honor are chosen by faculty members based upon their...

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The Sterilization of Low Speed Motors

In 2016 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a companion to the 2003 Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings. The summary contains additional topics and information relevant to dental infection prevention and control and...

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