Handpiece Warranty Policies


Brasseler USA® warrants handpiece products to the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship for periods in accordance with the table listed below. Products will be covered under warranty provided the product has been operated and maintained in compliance with the instructions and maintenance manual. Products will not be covered if they have been subjected to misuse, abuse, or accident.

Any parts or accessories which fail to operate in accordance with factory specifications at the time of installation will be exchanged. Repair by unauthorized personnel, use of non-Brasseler USA components, or use of products outside of the intended purpose, will void the warranty.

Use of non-Brasseler USA or rebuilt turbines in Brasseler USA handpieces can be dangerous to operator and patient, and will void the warranty.


Forza™ Electric Motor System 3 Years
Forza™ Electric Motor Only 3 Years
Forza™ Attachments 2 Years
Forza™ F5X Attachment Year
Titanium High Speed Handpiece (Body Only) 3 Years
NLXK™ High Speed Handpiece 2 Years
NL9000™ Turbine in Original Handpiece 2 Years
Replacement Turbine 1 Year
All Other High Speed Handpieces 1 Year
Couplings 1 Year
LED Bulb 3 Years
Brio™ Series LED Bulb 1 Year
Low Speed Air Handpieces 1 Year
Low Speed Air Motors 1 Year
Forza™ V3 Ultrasonic Scalers 1 Year
Tips None
Endo Micromotors 1 Year
Endo Apex Locators 1 Year
Hygiene Motors 1 Year
Endo and Hygiene Head 1 Year
BSPMICRO™ Drills 1 Year
BSPMICRO™ Bur Guard 6 Months
Forza™ Lab System 1 Year
Lab Motor and Cord 1 Year