Getting Started

Getting Started with your new GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor

GEM Installation

GEM Automation Driver

For use with DEXIS 9 and 10 imaging software.

Please have your sensor serial number(s) ready.

GEM Sensor Driver

To use with Dentrix Imaging or other imaging platforms.

This software package will install the latest revision of the GEM sensor drivers.

GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor IFU

Version: 0
Release date: September 2022
File size: 498 KB

Instructions for use for the GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor.

GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor Quick Start Guide

Version: 0
Release date: October 2022
File size: 796 KB

This Quick Start Guide gives you a brief overview of your GEM Starter Kit.

Questions about installation or operation? Contact GEM customer support at 877-958-1625.