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Powerful. Portable. The EndoPro Ai1 Cordless, Brasseler USA’s All-In-One Endodontic Solution 

Apr 23, 2024

Always at the forefront of innovation, Brasseler USA is pleased to introduce the dental handpiece that’s changing endodontics; the EndoPro Ai1 Cordless.This portable all-in-one cordless instrument is a balance of every feature necessary for successful root canal treatments (RCT). With meticulous precision, a high-speed motor, and a lightweight body, the EndoPro Ai1 is designed to raise the standard approach to endodontic care.

By Your Side
The EndoPro Ai1 exemplifies our slogan “By Your Side.” It is compatible with any endodontic file on the market, making a smooth transition into its utilization at your practice. Existing Brasseler USA niti files, including our XP-3D series and those designed for reciprocation, are pre-programmed into the handpiece. This focused approach underscores Brasseler USA’s commitment to providing a product that is not only versatile but also tailored to enhance the efficiency and precision of your endodontic procedures.

Innovative Features 

One of the key features of the EndoPro Ai1 is its built-in apex locator. This eliminates the need for an additional device during procedures, streamlining the treatment process and reducing the clutter of extra instruments. The EndoPro Ai1 Cordless also comes equipped with advanced safety features like its Apical Action Auto Start/Stop and a dedicated canal measurement setting, that enhances the safety and efficiency of endodontic procedures. These features not only protect the patient but also provide the clinician with peace of mind, allowing them to focus solely on achieving the best possible outcome. 

Precision Designed for Dentists 

Aside from its cutting-edge features, the EndoPro Ai1 is also designed with its users in mind and tailored for modern endodontic needs. With a speed range of 0-3000 RPMs and up to 4.0 Ncm of torque, it offers the flexibility required for various treatment scenarios. Its ultra-miniature head provides unprecedented visibility in the posterior during procedures. These features coupled with its fixed reciprocation setting further augment its functionality, making it a versatile dental instrument in the hands of an endodontist. 

Modern Dentistry 

As the dental industry continues to evolve, the EndoPro Ai1 Cordless represents a step toward the future of endodontic care, where efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction are vital elements. The commitment to quality, precision, and user convenience is evident in every aspect of this cordless endodontic solution, promising to transform the way root canal treatments are performed. Brasseler USA continues to be at the forefront of this evolution, providing clinicians with the dental instrumentation they need to succeed in the ever-changing landscape of dental care.  

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