Technique Workshop: Posterior Crowns

Technique Workshop: Posterior Crowns

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About this Course

5 Lessons | Duration: 0:42:48

When it comes to posterior crowns, it’s not always necessary to create maximum reduction for the restorative material. In this course, Dr. Winter discusses and demonstrates three different posterior crown preps to save enamel and preserve tooth structure. Learn indications for high- and low-strength monolithic restorations, posterior layered crowns and the material options available for all. Watch close-up occlusal depth cut, reduction and refinement techniques using depth limiting and axial reduction burs. The days of performing a single posterior crown prep design for all materials and for all situations are over.

Learning objectives for this course:

  • Describe indications for posterior crowns.
  • Relate restorative material options.
  • Perform preparation techniques for three different depths of reduction.
  • Perform preparation techniques using an axial reduction bur.


Course Presenter

Robert Winter, DDS

Robert Winter


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