A Complimentary Course

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Adjusting and Polishing Zirconia Restorations

A complimentary course presented by

PART 1:  “Understanding Zirconia as a Restorative Material”

About this Course

In this course, Dr. Winter helps practitioners and the entire dental team understand and appreciate the flow and recommended steps for adjusting and polishing zirconia restorations. The team is guided through a comprehensive understanding of instrument selection and utilization for predictable clinical results.

Learning objectives for this course:

  • Indications and use of zirconia as a restorative material
  • Armamentarium and techniques for:
    • Adjusting and polishing interproximal contacts
    • Adjusting and polishing occlusal contacts

PART 2:  “Extra-Oral Adjustments and Polishing”

PART 3:  “Intra-Oral Adjustments and Polishing”

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