Bob Margeas, DDS | BR-BM101

Course Description

AGD Subject Code: 250

The Class IV fracture often presents itself as a challenge to the dentist who strives to match the shade, opacity and the varying levels of translucencies that exist between the surrounding dentition as well as within the tooth itself. When composite is the restorative material utilized, the choice of a highly esthetic composite with a range of opacities, and a layering placement technique are the only means of matching the shade, opacity and degrees of translucency of the adjacent tooth structure. In this course, Dr. Margeas will guide participants, step-by-step, through his layering technique and rationale for the selection of opacities and translucent composite. Participants will also learn efficient polishing and surface texturizing techniques to ensure a natural esthetic result.

Who Should Attend This Course

  • General esthetic dentists
  • RRDH (Dental hygienists with a designation to perform restorative procedures)

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives

  • How to create a lingual matrix and use it to replace a Class IV lingual shelf
  • How and where to place Dentin, Incisal, Enamel, and Specialty Enamel shades
  • How to create life-like restorations
  • How to create enamel texture to mimic real teeth
  • A fast and predictable polishing technique

Course Technique Kit Contents

Anterior Six Tooth Esthetic Typodont Model, Universal Restorative Composite (various shades), Matrix Impression Material with Mixing Tips, Dental Adhesive with Dappen Dish and Microbrushes, Composite Blending Resin with Applicator Brush, 8888.012 Fine Flame Diamond, Composite Polishing Brush, Composite Polishers, Composite Placing and Shaping Instrument, Assortment of Finishing and Polishing Discs with Metal Mandrel, Polishing Paste and Polishing Buff with Plastic Mandrel, Mylar Strips

Required Materials (Not Included)

This course requires the following materials be available in your operatory and are not supplied in the Technique Kit: Impression Gun (1:1 DS 50), Compule Dispenser, Explorer, High Speed Handpiece, Slow Speed Handpiece, Air/Water Syringe, Curing Light, Scalpel #15, Gauze, Alcohol, Tapered Chamfer Bur

Nationally Approved PACE Program
Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by
any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.
4/1/2023 to 3/31/2026. Provider ID #401651