Negative & Positive Pressure Root Canal Irrigation, All-in-One!

The Root Canal Irrigation System Challenge…

Typical multi-step, multi-product, positive and negative pressure irrigation solutions are not easily combined.

During conventional root canal therapy, clinicians use high-speed evacuation during access preparation. Surgical suction is generally used with positive-pressure irrigation; however, many clinicians prefer using large-volume, negative-pressure irrigation.

Until now, the only available solutions were expensive systems with proprietary connections, needles, and tips. In addition, these systems require chairside dental assistants, making single-handed operation virtually impossible.

The Root Canal Irrigation System Solution…



TotalVac addresses all your clinical suction needs—giving you access to positive and negative pressure irrigation solutions with just one kit.

  • Unique dual-ended tubing design allows for single-handed positive pressure irrigation with simultaneous suction
  • The open-source modular system gives clinicians access to a multitude of needles of different lengths and diameters to suit their specific needs

What’s in the Kit

Each TotalVac Kit comes with everything you need to irrigate during root canal therapy, from access opening to positive and negative pressure irrigation, all the way to drying the canal before obturation.

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Watch this instructional video from Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh to learn the TotalVac Technique.

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