GEM15 Digital X-Ray Sensor from Brasseler USA

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Sized comfortably between common size 1 and 2 sensors, GEM15 is designed for maximum versatility, reducing chairtime by eliminating the need to switch sensors during a full-mouth x-ray series. And the sensor’s clipped corners provide a gentler, more comfortable fit.

GEM15 Digital X-Ray Sensor from Brasseler USA
GEM Radiograph


Crystal-clear radiograph images are essential for accurate diagnostics, and GEM’s CMOS sensor delivers. Excellent resolution and low noise means caries will have no place to hide.


GEM sensors integrate seamlessly with leading TWAIN-based dental imaging software for easy coordination with most Windows-based practice management platforms.

GEM15 Digital X-Ray Sensor from Brasseler USA
GEM Radiograph


With gold-plated connections, backscatter plates, adaptable software, and internal cushions, GEM sensors deliver the technology you demand in your modern practice.

What’s In the Box

Each GEM Digital X-Ray Sensor comes with everything you need to start taking brilliant radiographs, including 100 sensor barriers, an easy-to-use positioning system, and a handy quick start guide.

GEM15™ Starter Kit
Order No. 5028384U0

  • 1 GEM15 Digital X-Ray Sensor
  • 100 GEM Sensor Barriers
  • 1 Positioning System
  • 1 Quick Start Guide

Is GEM15 not quite the size you’re looking for?
Try GEM10 for pediatric patients or GEM20 when a larger sensor is needed.

GEM Sensor Specifications

Product GEM10 GEM15 GEM20
Starter Kit Order Number 5028383U0 5028384U0 5028385U0
Warranty Length 2 Years
Sensor Technology CMOS
L 36.36 38.83 41.80
W 24.53 29.63 30.48
H* 12.52 13.01 13.02
Active Imaging Area (mm) 30.01 x 20.01 32.99 x 25.82 35.92 x 25.82
Active Image Area (px) 1539 x 1026 1692 x 1324 1842 x 1324
Image Resolution 20+ visible lp/mm
Image Pixel Size 19.5 x 19.5 μm
Minimum Gray Levels 16,384 (14 bit)
Cable Lenght 1.9m

*Measurement includes sensor plate and cord housing.

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