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Introducing Triton. A novel patent pending all in one endodontic irrigation solution

Mar 23, 2022

(Brasseler USA. Savannah, GA) Irrigation is a critical step in performing successful root canal therapy. Unfortunately, the most popular and proven solutions that we use to clean root canals can be dangerous and most opinion leaders suggest the use of multiple solutions to maximize the antibacterial effect. This requires extra steps and intermediate rinsing to avoid neutralization of the irrigation solution and/or dangerous chemical reactions. The biggest challenge is that NaOCl is almost immediately buffered when it comes in contact with dentinal debris.  For this reason many clinicians use full strength NaOCl.

To counter this buffering effect many clinicians use EDTA to dissolve the dentinal debris and then quickly re-expose the canal to NaOCl. Unfortunately the EDTA also buffers the NaOCl so clinicians are forced to use a high volume of irrigation solution or intermediate rinsing before they are actually achieving the needed antimicrobial effect.

Brasseler recently introduced a patent pending all in one irrigation solution that has been shown to kill the most virulent canal bacteria in ½ the time and with 1/3rd of the steps of the current gold standard*. Unlike traditional irrigants or other advanced 2:1 solutions, Triton works differently by avoiding the use of EDTA and CHX altogether. The non-NaCOl components in Triton proactively dissolve the dentinal debris allowing for the lower concentration of NaCOl to be exposed to the surfaces of biofilms without as much buffering.

This synergistic combination of dentinal debris dissolution and antimicrobial disinfection taking place at the same time allows for maximum clinical efficiency and lower volumes of irrigation solution. By using a lower concentration of NaOCl and a proprietary blend of surfactants and gentle chelating agents Triton is the first all in one irrigation solution to deliver all of the benefits of EDTA and CHX while at the same time delivering the tissue dissolution benefits of NaCOl.