Lee Ann Brady, D.M.D.

Dr. Lee Ann Brady is a privately practicing dentist and nationally recognized educator, lecturer and author. With an extensive history in leadership, she is currently Executive Director and Director of Education of the Pankey Institute. Dr. Brady has also developed a vast library of online instruction at leeannbrady.com and restorativenation.com. She practices in Glendale Arizona, is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Inside Dentistry, and Dentaltown Magazine.




K0279 – Dr. Lee Ann Brady DuraBraze® Crown & Bridge System

Designed with efficiency in mind, the DuraBraze® Crown & Bridge System includes all of the burs needed to create preparations for indirect restorations, both anterior and posterior. The DuraBraze® diamonds and SabreCut® carbides increase cutting efficiency while minimizing bur maintenance. The inclusion of companion diamonds in a fine grit allow for fine finishing and polishing of preparations for maximum fit and quality of the final restoration.

~ Dr. Lee Ann Brady, DMD


University of Florida
College of Dentistry, D.M.D.